The platform to run your entire M&A process.

Liquid pulls everything in a deal into one place. Powered by a powerful Data Room with automatic error checking, flexible forecasting and Due Diligence reports generated for you. Even integrating with your e-mail so nothing is missed.

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We make deals happen


Liquid equips Professional Service Firms with a secure and reliable platform designed to foster trust.

We prioritise robust security and seamless integration, ensuring your firm can manage client transactions with confidence and uphold your commitment to excellence.


Enhance your operational efficiency and decision-making with Liquid's cutting-edge technology.

Our intuitive tools streamline deal processes, automate due diligence, and provide granular analytics, empowering your business to operate more effectively. Gain access to unparalleled efficiency and a competitive edge in your market.


Discover new opportunities and insights with Liquid.

Our platform offers a unique vantage point on market trends, valuation metrics, and potential partnerships within our exclusive network. Unlock a universe of SMB buyers and sellers through trusted, like-minded Professional Service Firms with highly vetted and accurate data.

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